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IOC want Salt Lake City to host 2034 Winter Olympics, USOPC chairman claims

  IOC want Salt Lake City to host 2034 Winter Olympics, USOPC chairman claims
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Salt Lake City is wanted to host the 2034 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, it has been claimed by United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) chairman Gene Sykes.

Sykes claimed following a meeting of the USOPC Board of Directors in Denver that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) shares the same preferences as the USOPC, which is to host the Games in 2034, rather than 2030 for which there is no clear choice. 

Both the USOPC and Salt Lake City would prefer to wait until 2034 so as to avoid competing for sponsorship dollars in what is set to be a crowded market place with the US due to co-host the 2026 FIFA World Cup and Los Angeles the 2028 Summer Olympic and Paralympics. 

Salt Lake City, which hosted a controversial Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2002, has emerged as the sole credible candidate.

Salt Lake City is looking to host the 2034 Winter Olympics rather than the 230 edition due the close gap to LA 28 ©Getty Images

[The IOC] have been looking to find a city that would offer a good alternative to Salt Lake City for 2030,

Sykes said.

They understand our preference, they have the same preference we do for 2034 if possible.

This would increase the gap from the 2028 Olympics, as they look to maximise revenue.

The USOPC claimed, however, that they could be willing to host the event in 2030 if there is a lack of a suitable host.

The favourite, Sapporo, has been left in disarray following a corruption scandal linked to Tokyo 2020 which has forced the city to "pause" its bid.

Vancouver, which staged the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympics, has quit as they could not manage to get Provincial Government endorsement.

Stockholm are currently trying to put together a bid having lost its campaign for the 2026 Winter Olympics, which was awarded to Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Stockholm has emerged as potential candidates to host the 2030 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games as other bidders have hit problems ©Getty Images

The uncertainty has led to a decision to award the event pushed back by a year until 2024 when a host is expected to be announced during the IOC Session in Paris. 

I think the question about which cities or communities are really capable of being hosts for the Winter Games is a big question that the IOC has to deal with very very thoroughly,

Sykes said.

But almost every other city has some limitation, capability or local support or something else.

I think it is fair to say that there will not be bids from any other hosts which will be more attractive to the IOC than a bid from Salt Lake City.

Just even how well prepared Salt Lake City is and that has global support which is absolutely critical and I think very very differentiating. 

So I don’t imagine that any bid will be more attractive than the Salt Lake City opportunity.

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